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Site under construction... Civilian based recovery site for Beaumont and adjacent areas. This is a NON-Government, civilian organization site.

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Water damage tips from a water damage/hurricane survivor. (Basic Tips)

posted over 3 years ago by BeaumontRecovers from Beaumont Recovers Hub
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This update is over 30 days old.

-Photo each room flooded (360 view, and in rooms that have it watermark)

-Photo Vital Documents (Then, put each in separate ziplock and freeze, if possible, to prevent further damage/molding.) --Birth Certificates --Social Security Card --Green Card --Marriage Certificates --Death Certificates --House/Car/Boat Titles --Medical/Shot Records --Tax Documents --Bank Documents --Etc.

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Food distribution 01 Sep 2017

posted over 3 years ago by morgan from Supporting Resilient Communities, Inc.
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This update is over 30 days old.

Operation Blessing International: distributing semi-truck trailer of relief supplies including food, drinks and personal hygiene at:

Cathedral Church, 5:30 Central Time until supply is gone. 2350 Eastex Highway, Beaumont, TX

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